Recruitment Services

We can make this part really easy

We know that as a recruitment business your staff are the most valuable part of the business, or as an HR team you build and shape the business you work for though its people.

That is why we believe the future lies in working with you to arrive at a customised solution specifically geared to your organisational needs. We will work with particular areas of your organisation to provide a high level of contingency or retained search across perm and contract targeting specific market areas. We can work with you on resource planning, working closely with you and your managers to allow us to effectively and proactively manage our candidate database. An integrated process also allows for information to be shared between us to enable for a more effective business relationship to be developed.

What you can Expect

You can expect an integrated recruitment process providing you with best possible candidates each and every time.

You can expect us to get to know your business but more importantly you and your team to truly understand your unique requirements.

You can expect an open and honest relationship, building for the long term.

Contact us today and let us help you find what you’re looking for.



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Services Offered

At Ascension Recruitment to Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our honest and professional approach when providing tailored recruitment solutions for our clients across Recruitment business, RPO’s, or in house HR teams.

Depending on your needs we offer either a contingency or a retained search service on a permanent or contract basis to help you fill your roles in a cost and time effective way.
After identifying suitable candidates we will only submit those candidates who have both been successful through our interview process and who are fully informed of the specific opportunity, along with each recommendation we will also provide an appraisal highlighting specific skills and observations into their personality and suitability.